After a lot of hassle..

There have been a lot of problems with this site, from the Gallery not working to not being able to post after a server move, but hopefully, these are now behind us.

All the photos in the Gallery have to be replaced and the site tidied up, so please bear with me while I get things fixed up.

The good news is the Fatty Cola won more prizes in La Bella Flor 2007 - watch for photos when I get the Gallery organized.

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2 Responses to “After a lot of hassle..”

  1. kamilasari says:

    i have 1 important question. I am new to the pot planting. Can I still plant my seed if it was broken. It didnt break the whole shell, but from the head to the mid part. well I can see the white stuff in it. Can you help??

  2. Weed Widow says:

    Sorry for the delay in replying - busy times right now.

    The white stuff is the embryo and as long as that is not damaged you can try to germinate it on a piece of wet (damp) tissue paper. If it is not damaged it should germinate within 5 days.

    If it germinates, carefully transplant in soil (or whatever you are using), but there are no guarantees that it will germinate or survive.


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