This is the Mother Plant which we are using to take clones from. It is a Purple Diamond - hybrid of Power Pland and Sweet Purple.

Cut the grow tip with a sharp blade. Make the cut as clean as possible. There should be two good grow tips on the clone.

Put the cuttings in water straight away, until you have the number of clones you need.

Have your setup ready to go. You will need Rooting Hormone (I use Radical Magic), Root Booster, rockwool cubes , some water and a sharp blade.

Trim off lower leaves to leave a good amount of room to put the clone in the rockwool.

Dip the cutting into the into rooting hormone to a depth of about 2cm for 10 seconds.

Carefully insert the clone into the rockwool cubes………..

into tray……………….

Cloning Box ……….put outside in the shade, not in direct sunlight. For indoor cloning use florescent lights.

If clones are outside take off lid occasionally to let air at the plants.